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Renzo Gherardi Photography

I am a Fine Art Nature & Landscape photographer from Lincolnshire, UK.

I was born in northern Tuscany, Italy and from my early teens I have been interested in photography.

With my first paid job as a summer lifeguard, I purchased a used Nikkormat FT and started to take pictures of family and friends. Shortly after college I joined the merchant navy and, naturally, developed an interest in landscapes and this progressed into something more … a passion for capturing beautiful images of amazing places around the world.

In 1975 I married the love of my life and moved to England. Work and family commitments took priority, but they never abated my passion for photography.

I became interested in wildlife and conservation and started to take images to capture the beautiful details of birds and mammals. They all have different personalities and I always try to capture the moment that makes them unique.

I particularly enjoy converting nature images to Black & White to take away the distracting colours and just leave their personality to shine through.

Now that I am retired I can devote more time to taking photos and spend many hours visiting local nature reserves to try and understand wildlife behaviour.

I am drawn to nature and places and photography is my outlet for sharing that passion.

Through my images I try to share the brilliance, beauty and fragility of the natural world that surround us.

My photography can be categorised in one of the following:

  • FINE ART – original, creative images of animals and nature
  • LANDSCAPE – natural beauty of Britain and Italy
  • WILDLIFE – natural history/documentary style photography of a subject in its natural environment

For me “Wildlife Photography” is about capturing images of creatures that are “Wild and Free” in their natural environment, but also ensuring that the interest and wellbeing of the subject come first.Renzo Gherardi Photography

Over the years I have been faithful to Nikon and now own a Nikon D810 and a selection of Nikon and Sigma lenses.

All of the images on the site are available to purchase and full details of the various formats, sizes and prices, etc can be found on the “Photo Purchase” page.

I hope you enjoy the visit, and if you do, feel free to add comments in the individual gallery pages.